What is Stabilant?

Stabilant 22 is an organic compound that allows electricity to flow where it should and should not. It starts to decompose at around 240ºC.

This element behaves as a conductor or insulator depending on various factors, for example the electric or magnetic field, pressure, radiation that affects it or room temperature.

Everything works again!

It is an amorphous-semiconductor block polymer, initially non-conductive, which when used in thin films inside contacts acts under the effect of the electric field and changes to a conductive state.

Stabilant 22 solves electrical and electronic problems.

Official Distributor | NATO supply code 38998

What is Stabilant 22 used for?

When applied to electromechanical contacts, Stabilant 22 provides the reliability of a spot weld connection, but without gluing the contact surfaces. Stabilant 22 even allows dirty contacts to function properly.

Advantages of using Stabilant 22

  • It solves electrical and electronic problems and even allows dirty contacts to work properly.
  • It increases the area of contact of the electrical connections and improves its conductivity and allows them to work properly.
  • The product remains effective up to 15 years, without the need to reapply it. The equipment becomes obsolete before a new application is needed.


Multipins Connectors
Coaxial Connectors
RJ-45 – RS232
Connectors RCA
Connectors HDMI
Connectors SDI i HD-SDI:
Connectors S/PDIF Coaxial