Reconstruction or repair of Toyota Prius hybrid battery.

At Servo Motors Adjust, we can repair or rebuild your hybrid battery.

In this case we restore a Toyota Prius battery.

But why did we have to repair it?

Something that will have called the attention of those users who have hybrid or 100% electric vehicles is the existence of ventilation grills near the rear seats. The manufacturers say that they are used for the refrigeration of the battery units and they should never be obstructed (e.g.: by a jacket, an umbrella, a bag….) But, is its function really important?

In fact, its function is very important since it allows the cooling of the battery system.

The main problem of the Toyota Prius batteries is the entry of dirt through rear seat ventilation grill. (see images below).

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If the temperature is not within the correct parameters, we can run the risk of dramatically shortening our battery’s life and even rendering it permanently unusable. Therefore, it is vitally important to keep the grills unobstructed and the air ducts and the fan clean and in perfect condition.

Toyota recommends cleaning the grills every 40,000 km.

In this particular case, the battery modules did not cool down enough, causing overheating and deterioration of the modules and cells.

In the following picture we can see the dirt on the battery rack, due to a lack of cleaning of the air grills causing heat between the battery modules and a lack of cooling. This problem has caused the deterioration of several modules and the bad functioning of the battery system.

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To solve this problem of refrigeration and dirt between the battery modules we recommend installing a filter in the air grills.

Servo Motors Adjust has the necessary equipment and tools to repair electric batteries. Our specialized equipment measure the charge capacity of each one of the battery modules, during the process of discharging and charging carried out during the repair, allowing the replacement of the damaged modules so that the battery recovers its optimum capacity. To extend the life of the repair we add filters to the ventilation grids that prevent the entry of dirt into the batteries.

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Test Capacidad modulos-Servo Motors Adjust

The cost of repairing a hybrid battery is about 65% more economical than buying a new one.

Reconstructed battery. We work with OEM Toyota – Lexus parts and equipment.

We offer a 2-year or 200,000 km warranty.

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Four years of experience in Australia and New Zealand working for different taxi companies like Uber, Cabify and so on as well as individuals and businesses endorse our quality service.

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