The 48-Volt Mild-Hybrid System: An Audi 6 use case

On our previous post we talked about the 48volt Battery/Mild Hybrid drive technology of a Mercedes Benz. In this post we will explain how this technology is applied to an Audi hybrid system.

Mild hybrids, also called 48-volt mild hybrid systems (48-volt battery), are the most recent electrified version of hybrid powertrains. Designs vary from model to model, but the basic concept and system are the same. A small electric motor, which can be called an integrated starter generator (ISG), is connected to the engine and it works in tandem with the internal combustion unit to provide extra power for acceleration.

Automakers use 48-volt systems to boost performance, but they also come with an inherent fuel-efficiency benefit: They share the engine’s load in controlled scenarios, helping it to save fuel. Some companies, such as Volvo, employ mild-hybrid configurations with slightly different components. For instance, a Volvo ISG has 42 volt battery.

48v Battery
These systems don’t work like traditional hybrids or plug-in hybrids, because electric motors aren’t capable of powering the car on their own. Instead, the 48-volt system and ISG act as an assistant for the internal combustion engine at low speeds, which includes accelerating and starting the vehicle.

Use Case: battery and ISG of an Audi A6 diesel for repair

The mild hybrid setup includes a belt-driven alternator/starter or integrated starter generator (ISG) and a 48volt lithium-ion battery that’s recharged via regenerative braking. The system will be standard on both Audi A8 diesel and petrol models.

Recently, a customer sent us the battery and the ISG of an Audi A6 diesel for repair. As you can see in the pictures, the alternator/starter or ISG was damaged. We repaired both the battery and the ISG, and reprogrammed the electronic board.

Are mild hybrid batteries expensive?

Different makes and models use different hybrid batteries, and it varies depending if the vehicle is a mild hybrid, full hybrid, or plug-in hybrid. The battery pack itself is the majority of the cost with variations ranging from around $1,000 to $6,000, although most batteries for common models tend to be under $3,000.

What was the result? Another happy customer! Here’s what he said:

«The experience working with Servo Motorsadjust has been great, not only because of the attention received from their workers, which have been most kind and understanding, but also for the speed with which we were attended to. They show us videos of the work been carried out, and they keet us informed of every step all the time. With the repair of this 48v battery of an Audi, their professionalism and ability to solve the problem has been proved. We are from Extremadura, but we consider them great professionals and we won’t hesitate to contact them again in the future!

At Servo Motors Adjust, we provide hybrid battery repair services to enhance your vehicle’s performance. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.