Change Hybrid Battery – Toyota Prius

Replace or repair the hybrid battery of the Toyota Prius

If you drive a Toyota Prius, your hybrid battery should have no issues until it is well past 275,000km.  But, you may find that at some point in time, the battery needs to be changed. (Change Hybrid Battery – Toyota Prius).

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Price

If your car is under the hybrid warranty, the place to go is your local Toyota dealer. They will correct the problem and have you back on the road at no cost to you.

However, if your Prius hybrid battery warranty has concluded, you don’t want to go to the dealer. Rather, you need a more cost-effective solution.  Replacing the battery may not always be the best choice.  In many or most cases, the battery is repairable, and at a very affordable price.

Toyota Prius G3
There are more affordable options for when Prius HV batteries have failed. There are professional shops that can repair or rebuild batteries for you.  Lower mileage Gen. 2 packs can be repaired if the diagnosis is promising and the proper balancing and charging equipment is used. At Servo Motors Adjust facility, we have the latest equipment to rebuild, condition and balance battery packs to more than sufficient operating condition.  It is important to note that just swapping a bad battery module or two with one purchased from another source is not recommended.  It is not the proper way to rebuild a HV battery and will only cause more problems and money down the road.

Hybrid Battery Repair Toyota Prius

Hybrid Battery Repair Toyota Prius

Because rebuilding High Voltage batteries is a time consuming and laborious process, Servo Motors Adjust offers a variety of pre-built HV battery packs for sale. We can have a HV battery rebuilt and ready for installation within 24-48 hrs after a customer has placed an order. We have Gen. 2 HV battery packs as well as Gen. 2 battery packs outfitted with Gen. 3 battery modules.

Hybrid Battery Repair Toyota Prius

Do you need to replace or repair the battery on your Toyota Prius?

With over years of experience, we are familiar with the various techniques required to rebuild and balance HV batteries properly and we stand behind our batteries with substantial warranties.

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